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About us Online Academy is the Sri Lanka's very 1st online academy. This is an online portal which students can join with best lecturers and Lecturers can find students from any part of the country/world by connecting online. Due to this is an online service both students and lecturers can save their money and valued time which is spent for transport and both parties can use this service free time of the day as convenient without considering geographical boundaries. As well due to students can study from home parents can 100% guarantee about safety of the student.

How Students can study with Online Academy

Students can call or sms to hotline and send us their requirement (Live online lecture or Podcasting lecture). Then we will contact a relevant lecturer and join with you live or record and provide podcasting lectures requested as soon as possible. As well students can study our recorded lessons for free of charge by visiting our Recorded Lessons page. 

How Students should pay for Lectures

Students can pay relevant payments to our official BOC Account Number 33 99 122 (Mr. Rajapaksha). After you have done a payment you should send us a clear image of payment slip to our WhatsApp Number +94 75 777 0000. Please note that Online Academy have no any responsibility about payments which you pay to any other bank accounts except this bank account.

What are the technical requirements should students have to study from Online Academy

To join with live online lectures students should have a multimedia enabled laptop pc with high speed (Recommend 4G) internet connection. To join with podcasting lectures it is enough have a smart device such as a tab or a high resolution smart phone with an internet connection.

Who are Standard Lecturers, Top Rated Lecturers & Premium Lecturers

Standard Lecturers are the general qualified lecturers of Online Academy. Top Rated Lecturers are the qualified lectures who have completed more than 1000+ lecture hours with Online Academy or completed 100+ lecture hours with Online Academy with 50 000+ total youtube views for submitted teaching videos to Online Academy. Premium Lecturers are the qualified lecturers who are conducting also their own pvt. classes. (Please note that Online Academy have no any responsibility about lecturers own pvt. classes & we are only advertising about them via Online Academy)

Terms & Conditions Online Academy is an online learning portal for students to get Live & Podcasting online lectures for their Campus, A/L & O/L Studies. As well Qualified Lecturers also can join with Online Academy & Earn Unlimited By conducting Lectures Live or as Poadcasting Lectures. Campus Lessons, Group Classes, OL Group Classes, AL Group Classes, ICT Group Classes, Past Papers, Maths Group Classes, Science Group Classes, Commerce Group Classes, Art Group Classes, Engineering, Technology, Bio Systems, Physics Group Classes, Chemistry Group Classes, Sameera Rajapaksha, Anil Hettige :: Welcome to Online Academy - Override the Art of Tuition :: | Campus Subjects | A/L Subjects | O/L Subjects | Best Lecturers | Worldwide