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Terms & Conditions (Last Update 12-07-2018)

Please Read & Understand our Terms & conditions before you continue. If you want further clarification please contact us.

For Students

  1. All payments should do to the our official bank account which have mentioned in How it Works page & Online Academy have no any responsibility about payments which you pay to any other bank accounts.
  2. All Payments you made are non refundable.
  3. Students must use a high performance multimedia enabled laptop & high speed (4G) internet connection when continue to the Live Online Classes & Online Academy have no any responsibility about technical issues.
  4. To claim any discount as a referral of our digital marketing team you should provide correct details.
  5. When continue with Live Online classes students party should turn on the web cam to see the class to the lecturer & it should be a silence place.
  6. Max students we allow per Live Online class is 3 students (For Quality purposes) & you have a chance to increase it by discussing with the relevant lecturer & Online Academy. But please note that it can be decrease the quality of lecture when increasing the amount of students.
  7. When continue with Live Online classes students must behave with good attention & without disturbing to the lecture according to the instructions of lecturer & parents of students also should have a responsibility about it.
  8. All communications with the lecturer should go through the Online Academy & Online Academy have no any responsibility about direct communication & decisions.
  9. To record a Live Online Lecture students should get permissions from relevant lecturer & Online Academy and recorded lectures can used only for students personal use regarding future studies.
  10. Regarding Podcasting lectures we will upload them online after recorded & you can watch them online or by downloading them using your google account. But please note that you have no permission to share them among others.
  11. Live Online classes will be going as 2 hours block & Podcasting lectures will be going as 1 hour blocks.

For Lecturers

  1. Lecturers should provide 5 samples of live teaching videos, & CV with a copy of the max educational/professional qualification of lecturer to Online Academy when joining.
  2. Lecturers must use a high performance multimedia enabled laptop & high speed (4G) internet connection when continue to the Live Online Classes from a good silent background as not get any complain from students/parents.
  3. Lecturers have no permission to record Live Online classes without a permission of Online Academy & even though lecturers got permissions through an special requests they are only for quality assurance purposes.
  4. All Payments you made such as Premium Lecturer fee, Digital Marketing fees are non refundable.
  5. Online Academy will pay a per hour rate to lecturers for Live Online classes & Podcasting lecture recordings and the rate is depended on your qualifications & the grade of lecture you will conduct.
  6. Payments will be sent to Lecturers bank account within 1 week after get a review from students/parents regarding the conducted lecture & if there is a problem with the lecturer with trusted proofs lecturer will have to continue again. How ever after an evaluation Online Academy's decision will be the final decision.
  7. Please note that after a lecturer submitted videos such as Sample, Podcasting to Online Academy, all rights of videos will be belongs to Online Academy.
  8. All communications with students should go through the Online Academy & Lecturers have no permission to do activities like request payments to their personal accounts, push students to join with there Pvt. classes ...etc.
  9. When recording Podcasting lectures it should be a lecturers creation & no permission to use others creation which can be caused to copyright issues.
  10. Video & Audio Quality of the Poadcasting lecture should be clear enough to view in HD screen (Recommended @least 1920 x 1080 resolution under 30 f/s frame rate with clear sound with enough volume).

For Digital Marketing Team

  1. To get the payments by completing Digital Marketing tasks He/She should have to full fill all requirements of the tasks according to rules within the given duration no partial payments will be issued & Online Academy's decision will be the final decision. .
  2. For correctly completed tasks payments will be sent to members bank account after 1 week after reviewed. 

For All Parties

  1. If there any complain regarding a student or a lecturer both parties can report it to Online Academy & it is better if the reporter can provide a trusted proof such as a recorded clip to investigation. After evaluation Online Academy's decision will be the final decision. .
  2. Both Students & Lecturers should installed latest versions of TeamViewer & Skype to continue Live Online classes.
  3. Please note that without any pre notice these terms & conditions can be updated by Online Academy. Online Academy is an online learning portal for students to get Live & Podcasting online lectures for their Campus, A/L & O/L Studies. As well Qualified Lecturers also can join with Online Academy & Earn Unlimited By conducting Lectures Live or as Poadcasting Lectures. Campus Lessons, Group Classes, OL Group Classes, AL Group Classes, ICT Group Classes, Past Papers, Maths Group Classes, Science Group Classes, Commerce Group Classes, Art Group Classes, Engineering, Technology, Bio Systems, Physics Group Classes, Chemistry Group Classes, Sameera Rajapaksha, Anil Hettige :: Welcome to Online Academy - Override the Art of Tuition :: | Campus Subjects | A/L Subjects | O/L Subjects | Best Lecturers | Worldwide